Windows Ultrabook Throws a Challenge

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Apple MacBook Air laptops are yet to be matched for their sleek and pleasing design on top of its astonishing performance and ergonomic design. Apple laptops sell like hot cakes despite priced much higher than laps running on the Windows platform with better specs. Windows tries a hand to challenge Apple’s supremacy by introducing Windows Ultrabook laptops. Ultrabooks are rolling out now, and more will come to retailers in the New Year.

Ultrabook Concept

The concept of and Ultrabook was conceived by chipmaker Intel. It focuses on many vital specs including start up times, sleekness of design, large battery life and low weight at the same time not compromising on the display screen and the keyboard size. Also, it should be capable of doing common computer tasks at high speed and efficiency. Thin and light Windows laps were there earlier too but are way too costly.

Specifications and Prices

The MacBook Air, which came out in 2008, is now priced at $999 and upwards while Ultrabook prices are in the $1000 range yet slightly cheaper than Apple models of the same specs. Both use the same Intel processors and can even run Windows OS in MacBook. For instance, the Widows Ultrabook based Lenovo IdeaPad U300s starts at $1095 for 13 inch display, 128 GB solid state drive, 4 GB RAM and normal Intel i5 processors. Toshiba Portege Z830 starts at $900 with the same specs, but it has Intel i3 processor. On the other hand, MacBook Air with the same solid state device storage and RAM running on an i5 processor comes at a higher $1299.

Promising as it is, the Ultrabooks perform marginally lower than the standards set by Apple gadgets. Most aspects including battery life and start up and resume times have been enhanced considerably, in addition to the efficiency of, using solid state drives. Nevertheless, it is an indication of better times.

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