Xbox 360 Modded Controller Review

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Xbox 360 modded controllers

Xbox 360 modded controllers

Xbox 360 modded controllers are modified Xbox 360 controllers that intend to enhance the video gaming experience. There are many modified controllers available for the Xbox 360 gaming platform like that from Evil Controllers or Lightening Modz.


Modding the Xbox 360 controller brings in a lot of functionality to your Xbox gaming experience and makes gaming a more relaxing and entertaining experience. Some of the valuable and useful modifications of control that can be used are:

  • Burst or rapid-fire modes for the first person shooting games
  • User defined burst modes
  • Wielding multiple weapons and using the same or different setting for left and right hand
  • Controller optimizations based on the game you are playing.

Popular Xbox 360 modded controller incorporate games like Call of Duty Black Ops, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, MW2, Zombie Auto Aim, Halo Reach, and Halo 3. Most Modded controllers feature mode remembers feature even after the console is turned off and allows you to shuffle between modes quickly.

Pros and Cons

Perhaps modifying your Xbox 360 is sometimes unavoidable because Microsoft does not have bag-full of accessories like the Nintendo consoles. The benefits of modding your controller are obvious- more options and easy gaming. Modding is especially useful in first person shooting games, and you will now be using the burst mode forget fatigue of having to repeatedly pressing on the buttons. Handling weapons in both hands are now easier. In games like Tiger Woods Golf, you can wield full power by just pressing a single key.

Nevertheless, the warranty will be void in case you are modding your own controller or Xbox console altogether. Modding may lead to reduced performance and instabilities too. Yet having a Xbox 360 modded controller, in addition to your default set, is always a plus for enhancing your gaming experience.

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