Yahoo announces New browser in town- Yahoo Axis

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Yahoo AxisNow Yahoo enters the browser party with “Yahoo Axis.” It is a browser for Apple’s mobile gadgets. Apart from that, it also comes for desktops through some famous browsers via plug-ins. You can switch in between different gadgets looking at the same search results.


Yahoo Axis remembers your favorite pages and hooks them to the home screen. These appear in the form of thumbnails, which are quite easy to see and go through. You can synchronize different Apple gadgets to see the searches from other devices. You will have to sign in to yahoo for that. Yahoo claims they have made an entirely new and unique search algorithm, which is very different form the present ones. They are confident about giving better results than the present browsers.

A slight problem

A small glitch has been reported in Yahoo Axis for the Chrome browser. It is said that it was easy to fake the Chrome pug in of Yahoo Axis by anyone. This could result in a leak of information like past searches or even passwords. Recently Yahoo has been facing some other problems too. They have lost their CEO Scott Thompson over matters of claiming to have a fake degree in his own biography.

However, Yahoo has started well to recover from that hit with their interim CEO Ross Levinsohn. They have executed a terrific deal for their assets in the Chinese company Alibaba. The deal to sell the Alibaba assets was highly backed by some new members of the board of directors including Daniel Loeb. He was also the first to point towards the Scott Thompson matter. With Loeb on board, there are excellent prospects for Yahoo in sight.

The new board is taking aim to strengthen their core business of media and little on mergers or acquisitions.

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